The Benefits

A vibrant, living centre for Abergavenny that encourages positive activities that benefit people and contribute to a thriving & prosperous community.
A communal hub where people are able to give as well as receive.
A safe haven which offers food, shelter, comfort and warmth.
A place where people help other people.

This is what we want to offer our town:

- community operated childcare, youth & holiday programmes
- meeting rooms for new business, enterprise and home-workers
- space for young and old to socialise and develop support networks
- teaching & learning space for practical skills sharing
- new focus for innovation that will tackle local issues
- local goods, local services and local jobs
- pastoral support sevices for families and schools
- out of school learning opportunities for children and young people
- space where the normal ebb and flow of communities is mainstream
- a place that places a high value on the expert skills of retired people
- local housing [for local people] forms part of the longterm business plan

The activities work together to raise aspiration and invigorate local community spirit; the building blocks of regeneration

Why the emphasis on community interaction? Well, times have moved on and we are facing many new social challenges.
Our growing ageing population means it's important for us to focus on our future health and social care, NOW. Nobody doubts it, and Government is encouraging it. So why then are long trusted lifelines being removed and, who, is committed to managing difficult and inevitable outcomes on the ground?

A sense of belonging remains central to our well-being, our health and to our social care. Government is presently turning service provision on it's head and local people [communities] will be called on more and more to fill widening gaps. Are we ready and willing or able? Where do we make a start?

Local Issues

We're disheartened by stories of alcohol and drug abuse. We're sad when families are broken and split. We're frustrated by silly vandalism and kids on street corners'. We're [rightly] disturbed by stories of neglect and apalling abuse of vulnerable people ~ our elderly as well as our young.  We're conditioned to hear 'trouble and youth' in one breath ~ and yet we also know that pointing the finger of blame will not change anything.
In Abergavenny we need [our own] local solutions to [our own] local problems. Communities have an enormous role to play in restoring the balance. Our strength lies in a culture of care and that comes from people knowing people.

Our Centre will be a place that tackles everyday issues.
When common sense and community feeling drives local decision-making, people and communities are put back in control of the day to day circumstances that order our lives and our relationships.

A different approach...

Just forget the old image of a community centre. This centre will be run efficiently and like any other business we'll offer services in response to what people actually need and what we know will get used. We will charge for some services but the difference is that any profit will be used to provide for the social needs of people.

We use 'old fashioned' know-how to link problems with solutions on the ground.